Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Watching and Waiting

There has been a continuous presence at the Lutheran Church today as we support each other and prepare to restart our efforts once we hear from the coroner.  There is another press conference scheduled for 5:00 PM.

The police press conference at 9:00 AM provided the following updates that we found interesting:
  • The Rentz family thanked everyone again.
  • Nancy's brother and brother-in-law will be coming into town today.
  • More details on the location of the body: Britt Abbey Court.
  • It was not in a pond as initially reported, but on the banks of a storm water drain runoff.
  • The autopsy will be conducted today by the office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill.
  • Still officially a missing persons case.
  • The body was found within a 5-mile radius of the home.
  • Both Cary Police and Wake County Police were working the scene.
  • If it is Nancy, the case will come under Cary Police jurisdiction, if not, Wake County will take jurisdiction.
  • Cause of death, or length of days the remains had been there were not specified.
  • When asked why a family member had not been asked to identify the body, the Chief said that they could not tell if this was Nancy, and the family should not be subjected unnecessarily. If it is not Nancy, the family of the woman found should be the ones to do the identification.
  • Reporters asked for details of the person who made the 911 call on discovering the body, but none were released other than that it came in at around 7:30 PM.
  • The City Bureau of Investigation are getting involved today.

  • We continue to hope this is not Nancy, and continue to appreciate the outpouring of support and love -- it is completely appropriate to the kind of shining light Nancy is.


    The Mudryk Family said...

    We are so sorry and are praying with you.

    Anonymous said...

    When you are ready to restart the search please let us know through a post or a note.. I would be glad to go back and search some more.

    Steph said...

    I'm sorry to hear of this development. It's sad in any event. I hope that Nancy is found soon.

    Dawn said...

    I am so very sorry and I am praying for you . God bless you and your family