Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Officer of the year

I saw a wonderful article in the Cary News today - Officer of the year is low-key leader. While I haven't interacted directly with Det. Daniels, one section of the article certainly resonated (quoted below).  Congratulations, Det. Daniels, and thank you!

And he touted Daniels’ leadership and mentoring of two young detectives who assisted Daniels in investigating three homicides in 2008.

“Both of these detectives have grown professionally because of working with Detective Daniels and have developed a deep and profound respect for him that words alone can’t measure,” Byrd said in his nomination. “This is due in part to his unassuming approach to individuals that wants those working with him to achieve their maximum potential. His approach works because he doesn’t seek credit or recognition for himself but because he is always focused on the greater good.”

It was Nancy's eldest daughter's birthday this week. Happy Birthday!