Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainy day in Cary, but the volunteering is still amazing

People are still showing up in droves at the Java Jive site, and I'm sure the same goes for Lifetime Fitness.  We're attempting to update the maps online but I know I'm having some connectivity issues today.  That should hopefully be solved tomorrow when we move to Resurrection Lutheran Church at 100 Lochmere Drive W.

If you don't want to stop by one of the coordination sites (and, believe me, they are busy) please feel free to pick a likely area on the map and post that you have checked there. Or print out flyers (I'll attempt to upload it) and take them to any businesses that are willing to keep them by the register. Also, the Kinko's next to Barnes & Noble across from the mall has the PDF there and can make copies. Feel free to post them pretty far afield, we need her face out there.

We are also interested in fanning out today to more construction sites, wooded areas, streams, etc. The paths less travelled...but please, please, go in groups or pairs and be careful!

The Cary Police phone number is (919) 469-4012.

I just added a form to the bottom of the page for people to volunteer with. And now I'm off to Java Jive again.

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Anonymous said...

Any runner training for such an event as a half marathon would have a training schedule. Find it and you'll know how many miles she intended to run Saturday morning which may give a better idea of which route she might have chosen. I am a runner and have a GPS training device that I use when in training that maps out my routes along with all the other details which can be downloaded to my computer. Did Nancy have a similar device? Has anyone checked her computer for a training log?

Nancy and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.