Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to life, but reality? Probably not for a while.

Most of us who work went back to work today. It was, for me, somewhat of a relief...but there is still so much work to be done for Nancy and the girls that it almost seems like I was going to a second job. I did take advantage of the couch we have at work to take an hour's nap, which was much needed.

I posted Michael Morwick's beautiful graphic for the Memorial Fund -- clicking on the picture will take you directly to the post describing how to make donations.

A committee is forming for the Nancy Fun Run, and a tentative timeframe of October has been kicked around.

I still need to set up a Memorial website to collect stories, but be assured that all the well-wishes so far are going to be collected into a book for the family.

Other plans need to wait on more sleep.

I miss her.


lovetoscrap said...

I wanted to leave a message for the Rentz family that will go into the book you are making up for them, can I leave it on here or is there an email address to go to?

Diana said...

You can use the Volunteer form and not put your personal information in. It goes directly to me.

KaraP said...

I will run if you all set a run up like a 5k or something. As long as it doesn't coincide with my triathlon.

LJ Lewis said...

My name is LJ and I was very close to Nan when we lived in Calgary years ago. We also had our children 2 days apart. I am absolutely devastated by this and want to send my heartfelt condolences to the whole Rentz family. I know that Krista lives in Toronto and Nan had forwarded me her phone numbers just a little while ago. I would love to do anything I can to help her out if she would like, but I also don't want to intrude at this time. Please just let all of them know that I am thinking of them. No words can describe what an amazing and lovely person our Nan was.

Diana said...

I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure a phone call would not go amiss. I'll mention it when next I see her.

LJ Lewis said...

Thank you Diana, I took your advice and left a vmail for Krista. I am so happy that Nan had such a good friend in you to take on this blog. xo LJ

DAVE said...

Sad situation, my prayers and thoughts to you, the family and all that loved her!

AF said...

For the Rentz Family... and the two beautiful little one's.
I have followed this story from the fist day. Even though I didnt know Nancy or any of the family. I cant help but hurt for them it is a terrible loss. From the news I have heard of friends talking about how wonderful of a person and mother she was, and from someone looking from the outside, I can certainly see the love she had for her girls. May god bless each of you in the family especially to the two beautiful angels ... her two little ones.
I know she will protect them from above.

Anonymous said...

I know it's got to be very hard for all of you that knew her personally. The pain and loss never completely go away... it lessens but doesn't completely go away. *hugs*

Joan65 said...

I didn't know Nancy, but I nonetheless feel very sad about her death. I feel sorry for her children and her family. I'm glad Nancy had so many people who loved her! I know you all miss her. I will be glad when we find out who killed Nancy, and he is brought to justice.

God's Blessings,
Joan in Durham