Thursday, July 17, 2008

Private Candlelight Vigil

A candlelight vigil and remembrance is planned for Friday evening, but it is private and by invitation only.

A memorial service is in the works, we'll post details as soon as they are ironed out.

Other ways to honor Nancy are being discussed, but frankly we're all pretty exhausted and might need some time to grieve privately and be with our families.

The family have asked that all the flyers be removed and taken down (which I haven't seen any today, so that may already be well accomplished) and that it would be a welcome gesture to tie a white ribbon around a tree as a memorial gesture.

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Kathryn said...

Although I've already left a comment on your most recent post...I later read "Private Candlelight Vigil". In that post you were asking those in your area to tie a white ribbon around a tree as a memorial.

We wanted you to know that we may not live in your state, but we are going out this morning to tie white ribbons around numerous trees. We are expecting this will have people asking what's the meaning behing the ribbons. This will give us an opportunity to tell them of your beautiful Nancy.

We're also hoping it will serve as a reminder to never let a single day go by without telling those you so deeply appreciated they are and how thankful they are that the Lord has brought them into there lives.

Our hearts are heavy with grief for you...and trust the Lord to contiune to keep His hand upon all of you at this most difficult time.