Monday, July 14, 2008

Tragic News

A female body was found this evening near the vicinity of our search area. We do not know if this is Nancy, and still hope for her safe return. It is tragic no matter who it is -- someone has lost a daughter, a friend.

While we still plan to meet with volunteers tomorrow at Resurrection Lutheran church on the corner of Lochmere West and Kildaire Farm Road, our main focus will be the following:

  • Celebrate Nancy. If you knew her, please start thinking of those quintessential Nancy stories that make her what she is. If they are personal, write them down in a personal journal. If they can be shared, please consider sharing them.

  • Plan the next steps for when we get news from the coroner's office

  • Be there as a community for each other and the family

It has been suggested to us that we pause our search efforts for the time being, but we want to make sure that we can ramp back up.

We could use journals, pens and computers with wireless access so that stories might be written down online or on paper.


Cheryl from Delaware said...

I lived in the Lochmere community of Cary and walked those trails early every morning and never felt unsafe. I might have even passed Nancy and said hello. I heard about Nancy on Fox and have been checking in with your local news regularly for news. I would be helping with the search efforts if I were still living there. Nancy is in my thoughts and prayers. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

lemmie said...


I’ll leave some small stories here for you to share with others this morning...

It brought tears to my eyes to read the story in the news & observer about Nancy helping someone paint their dining room. When I lived in Cary, Nancy was a tireless friend in helping me paint and decorate my house! I’ve never met someone who likes to paint as much! Nancy was determined we would get the dining room painted one Saturday; I was less enthusiastic :) She made me coffee, we laughed and she pushed me through painting the dining room in record time. We had so much fun - something I'll never forget!

So many stories about Nancy are going through my mind, but one on my wedding day just keeps coming up as it makes me laugh so much! As you know, we were married at a park in Raleigh. The wedding was to be in an historic house on the grounds of the park. All of my girlfriends arrived early to help decorate the house. I arrived around 7:30am to be greeted by everyone on the porch – I was so nervous, but started laughing as soon as I saw the girls – Nancy was there with huge curlers in her hair and a beautiful dress on! As she always did, she lightened the mood and made me forget about my nervousness for a few minutes. I still have pictures of her standing on that big Southern front porch with curlers and a dress!

There are so many stories and not enough space here – the cartwheels we did in Nancy’s dining & living room late one night (she didn’t have furniture at the time), when she got her dogs, talking about her interest in Art History, fixing salmon on the grill and others.

Nancy, as others are, we are praying for your safe return.

Anonymous said...

How soon do you think you will hear from the coroners office, I will be glad to come back and search again when you start back up.

Marnie in Asheville NC said...

This story is so sad and I hope that there are answers soon for all of Nancy's family members and friends.
If I lived down there, I would come and help you guys in any way you need.
Nancy sounds like someone I would love being friends with, someone all of us would love having as a friend!
My thoughts and my prayers are for all involved in this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and give you all strength in the days to come. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear the news conference for all those close to Nancy. At least she was surrounded by incredible friends. Many are amazed at the support, organization, and use of google maps and blogs, and the speed with which you set up the information centers. Nancy had to be proud to be surrounded by great friends and people. I am sorry for your grieving and end result, but your efforts showed what is great about humans and Americans