Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Mayer, rain or shine

We are off to the John Mayer concert to celebrate Nancy's birthday. This was the plan this year, and darnit, we are sticking to it, Tropical Storm Faye or not!

A friend told me today that there is a saying: when it rains at a funeral, it means the spirit is moving on to heaven. Well, darlin', off you go!


Kimberly said...

I heard that Nancy "won" the G105 drawing. That's exactly the Lord! :)

Art2mis said...

She did! It was so interesting...we all had lawn seats to start, but through chance and happenstance and people giving us tickets (even a free "upgrade" when we walked in) we all had access to pavilion seats in case we wanted to get out of the rain.

For the most part, we didn't bother (except for the two friends who had entered Nanner into the drawing, and so therefore were in the front row hollering at John to dedicate a song...which he did not do, but he did give our girls a hug which we saw on the Jumbotron). But anyway, it felt like she was looking out for us just in case the sky really opened up.

It did not, but a gentle rain at the end of the concert felt purifying and just right. I felt a peace I haven't known since she died.

Norie said...

What is the G105 drawing?

BTW I noticed that there is a UK wikipedia entry about Nancy.

It is so difficult to have the days slip on by with no one accountable for Nancy's death.

Art2mis said...

G105 (local radio station) had a semi-private event with John Mayer earlier in the day last Wednesday, and during this event they had a drawing for prizes. The grand prize was two front-row seats at the concert. Our friends put in Nancy's name, and she won!