Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Nancy!

It's Nancy and Krista's 35th birthday tomorrow.  Happy birthday, you fabulous women!

Some neighborhood women I don't know other than by their web handles (perhaps they can comment on this post and identify themselves) set up a lovely little memorial in Java Jive today.  I added a few pictures, I'm sure some others will surface.  Please do stop by and sign the book and remember our beautiful friend.  She was so young and so vibrant and is so sorely missed.

I'm sure tomorrow will be an extremely difficult day for her twin, so please also keep her in your thoughts.

This picture is from their birthday two years ago.  I am going to go post more photos on the memorial website as well.


lemmie said...

Hey there,
Can you send me the one of me, you, Pam & Nancy from my bachelorette party?

Art2mis said...

On their way...

honesty said...

Thanks! I'm "NCNative" on WSleuths. I was happy to "decorate" Java Jive. Those who are getting the media to come in, and those who helped with photos, thank you very much. I could not get photos. I didn't know Nancy, but being a neighborhood resident, I wanted to do something for her birthday as a memorial at JJive. Java Jive has become a place that ties us together as a community, especially with regard to Nancy Cooper.

It all started with my making a white flower wreath to put out near Nancy's home. For fear of vandalism, I moved on to Java Jive and got a little crazy with a birthday memorial. I look forward to seeing everyone on WRAL this evening.

I love the full photo of Nancy and Krista on their birthday. So happy that it was taken to Java Jive to share today. Thanks...Laura