Friday, September 26, 2008

Apologies, and Thanks

I've been served with a subpoena which requires that I produce, among many other things 

"Any and all correspondence, including but not limited to email, memorandum, letters, notes, text messages, etc, blog posts or blog spots, chat room conversations with any person or agency, including but not limited to Plaintiffs, their counsel, law enforcement officers, friends, etc. regarding Nancy Cooper, Bradley Cooper, the biological children of Nancy and Bradley Cooper, or Nancy Cooper's death and/or disappearance."

Unfortunately, this includes all the wonderful volunteer form postings.  These volunteers have my sincere and deep sympathies for any invasion of privacy this might engender.  They also have my sincere, deep and lasting gratitude for all their fantastic work or offers of work.


Ronni said...

What is a blog "spot?"

Can you tell us who is behind the subpoena, and why would they be interested?

Art2mis said...

Good question about the "blog spot," your guess is as good as mine!

It's a matter of public record, so yes, I can.

Bradley Cooper's lawyer Deborah Sandlin of Sandlin & Davidian has subpoenaed nearly everyone who submitted an affidavit in favor of the Rentz/Lister case for custody of Nancy Cooper's children. As to why they would be interested, I would prefer not to speculate.

Coco said...

What is a "blogspot"? Look at your internet address. As for the subpoena, you don't need to apologize. Anyone who posts on the internet does so with the understanding that it is decidedly not private.