Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adopt a Highway

Someone or some group has adopted a section of Dillard Drive starting at Walnut Street and heading towards Piney Plains "in memory of Nancy Cooper".  I would love it if whoever has done this will take the opportunity to let me know personally or by posting a comment on this blog when the cleanup days are.  It's a wonderful memorial, especially since Nancy actually used to walk or roller-blade that stretch of road back when they first moved here...back when there weren't even any sidewalks!  The Coopers did not own a car at first and then had only one for a year, so Nancy would walk or rollerblade with a backpack on her back to do errands, grocery shop or to go see a movie at Crossroads.

My understanding from this website is that cleanups are performed four times a year. Count me in!


Kim Klabe said...

I haven't heard any updates on what's happening with the case - anything new?

Amanda said...

My friend and I recently saw this- and we were wondering when the clean up days were as well. Has anyone come forward to say that they adopted it yet?

We are always listening for updates in the case and hoping that some justice for her girls will come of this. From moment one they were in the front of my thoughts.

Are there any foundations for the kids?

Art2mis said...

No-one has come forward yet on the adopt-a-highway. I'll certainly post an update when I find out. I drive that road several times a week and appreciate it every time.

Yes, there is a fund for the children, the Nancy Cooper Memorial Fund - if you click on the graphic on the right-hand side of the page it will take you to details. The girls are doing well. Thank you for your kind thoughts and concern, every ounce of positive energy helps!

Check back soon (later today?) for more news...