Thursday, November 13, 2008


It hurt to see the furnishings hauled away today.

I remember when the house was empty back in 2001.  I remember the funny red sofas from the store in Canada.  I remember the dining room which was perfect for turning cartwheels in.  I remember the refinishing of the old kitchen table.  I remember sending back the sofas when the wrong ones arrived.  I remember the months-long deliberations on the fabric for the chairs in the dining room, and then the further wait for the table to be shipped from the artisan in Canada, and finally the inaugural dinner.  I remember the similar deliberations about the wing-back chair, and then some regrets on the final choice.  I remember how beautiful the key table was, and how one was not allowed to actually put keys on it for fear of scratches...and then I remember the day the front door flew open and scratched the table.

I know they are just things, but Nancy's esthetic and consideration and love of design informed these things.  I'm so sad that the girls will not have the joy of passing along the heirloom-quality items to their children, along with the stories.

Don't expect many postings here, but please do keep the Memorial Fund in mind, for the girls.  They have had so much taken away.


Kim Klabe said...

have there been any updates on the investigation? I haven't seen or heard anything on the news. Just hoping it gets wrapped up so your family can be a little more at ease.

Art2mis said...

You must not be local?

I prefer not to comment on the case publicly, but yes, there have been significant updates in the last few weeks. is a good way to catch up.

Kim Klabe said...

No, I'm not local - I'm from DE. But I'm a runner and a mother also, and this case caught my attention over the summer. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. Hope you're doing okay.

Kim Klabe said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I just checked out the link. I don't know why there hasn't been anything in the news here. Such a sad, sad thing. You have my warmest condolences. Please take good care of yourself and of those little girls. Justice will prevail.

Kate said...

The story about the key table made me laugh out loud! I remember the terrible irony and how upset she was but it was quite funny.

To your point about the things in the house being taken away, I really worry about this. In my adult life, I have come to cherish any relic and have many pieces of china, photos, writings, and furniture from my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Nancy put so much deliberation into choosing every piece of furniture and art in that house. There really is a story behind each piece and with the items being moved out, not only are the pieces lost but the history fades as well.

Art2mis said...

That reminds me of just after the floors were done, and the idiot installing the alarm system drilled all the way through the laundry room wall AND INTO THE HALL FLOOR BEHIND. Not just once. Twice.

And when the guys driving the truck doing work on our back porch knocked over her mailbox. And took over a month to fix it. She was more than a little miffed about that one. :)

After the kids, she was so much less precious about things...but they still did have meaning.

The house is up for sale now, and we've seen a lot of traffic today. I look forward to welcoming a new family at some point.